And Did You See That Sky?


The beatitudes are a loop I start over
Again and

A good loop, though,
Not a stagnating seether like when
The guy in the car in front of me has a
Brake-to-accelerator time that is so
Incomprehensibly SLOW he just ekes through the
Yellow light and there I am for another
Eternal cycle of cross traffic and left-turners,
And not just that, but one block east, a train comes,
Crawling through at its
City-limits pace that, correct me if I’m wrong,
Is either slowing down or teasing me,
And the graffiti is exotic, but let’s not be
Postive here,
And the caboose must be down in
Good Hope. So I’m caught,
Apoplectic. Because the guy.

No, the Sermon is an
“Oh, Yeah” loop, a start back at the
Beginning that isn’t a regression. An “Oh, wait, let me
Go back and pick that poverty up again and hang on to it
This time.  Seems to be key.”
A loop where
Starting over isn’t starting over.

Oh, yeah, I’m lower than you,
You, who I am
Scorning right at this moment.
Oh, yeah. Judgment turns to humility, right quick.

Oh, yeah, that despicable thing you are doing, I do it
First and worst. Lament. . .Patience.
Starting with, Oh, yeah,
The guy.

Meekness only happens when
I squarely face the
Oh, yeah, I was empty; now I’ve been filled.
“And this not of myself,” but flood waters from the
Sky after
Drought. More than I need, so I can say,
“Take your time, guy,
And did you see that sky?!”

And I hunger, hunger for the wholeness of no
Oh, yeah, start again. I am

Destitute, but! The destitution is that
Bait-and-switch of heaven,
That darkness-draped gift of gold.
That one more proof of a love so stunning.
And the loop is a steady line
Toward wholeness,

Oh, yeah.

Hunger And Thirst

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This is my front yard. Today.
Red medley,
Green interruption.
Redness painted, redness draped,
Redness flung, Green interjected.
Looking at it begins the hunger pang, the
Longing for the perfect, the true,
For the know-and-be-known.
The red and green are keen, whetted,
I can taste them on the back of my tongue.

Like seared steak or tannin,
Or basil-oiled asparagus, the
Red and green
Water my eyes, and
All my cells want more, more, a
Deep gulp, an endless communion.

These reds and these greens pull me to the
Seated One, to speak His language without
Words, to open my mouth, awestruck, and silently
Point to the reds and the greens and to me
And to Him. And He gets me and smiles.

He smiles and is
Holy light and I want only to stand
In Him in the way required – holy, too.
And so my red and green front yard
Shouts of Jesus who
Grafts his redness into me and
Colors me holy so I can recognize Him and
He me.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied.” Matthew 5:6

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