His Promise Is Enough

Up to regions high and light
I go when I release my tight grip
On managing my earthy home.
My open hands can join the
Angel band, busy in praise!
Sacred lyrics, angel-sung,
Storehouse treasure, proclaim that
When He says He’ll supply
All my needs,
He knows exactly what those are,
To the finest accounting.
And that He has already provided them.
And that I did not even need a sign –
A hummingbird or a rainbow –
His promise is enough.

Tapestry owned by Carol Wildeman

First Hummingbird of Spring and other Exclamations

The brevity of the hummingbird’s
Was promise fulfilled and
Faith extended.
An “It is finished” and an
“I can do all things . . .”
Causation in the order.
Exclamation mark!
Then, oh! the contemplator
Becomes the
Psalm 119: 1 – 8, back porch study