One mile from the beach. One mile from our church.

After 25 years in the sweetest Alabama small town, we have moved from a house and yard and long time roots, among people just like us, to a condo in the air in the sprawling city of Fort Lauderdale and a big church and people from all over the world and from every kind of life and . . . we love it!

God is so very good to us.

This is our family. Andrew and me and our 3 children, Adrienne, Eliza, Will; two spouses, Eliot, Colin; and one perfect grandchild, Zion Alfred, born January 12, 2021. Since this was taken we have added a granddaughter, Naomi Celine, born October 3, 2022, also perfect; and baby girl Kaufmann, due TODAY, January 30, 2023, but taking her sweet time, and also certainly perfect.

This picture was taken in May of 2022 at the Ocean Treasure, near the Commercial Pier in Lauderdale by the Sea.

Andrew is a pastor on staff at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. We never thought we would be back in Fort Lauderdale where we lived in 1988 when we were first married. Not only are we back, full circle, but from our 4th floor condo we can see the roof, one block away, of our newlywed apartment from 1988. And, if we squint and squat, we can see the steeple of Coral Ridge Pres Church through the palm trees across the canal.

Since 2014, this blog has been bylined ‘Meditations from Woodland Street.’ Now, though, every morning I watch from my east-facing window as God paints the sky with light. And the blog needed a new tag.



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