My name is Allison.  I am a Christian, Pastor’s Wife, Mother of 3, Lover of Literature, English Teacher, Small Business Owner, Sunday School Teacher, Lover of Coffee, Lover of Trees (in a Tolkien kind of way), Small-Town-for-20-Years, College Football Fan who prays that:

 the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart would be acceptable in His sight,
for He is my Rock and my Redeemer.

I cannot decorate anything.  I invented “failed it!”

I am not a good cook.

I like to sing, but no one has ever indicated that they enjoyed hearing me.

My children are the joy that surprises me everyday. Adrienne is 23 and is in graduate school at University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.  She has an assistantship and teaches courses in writing.  Eliza is a senior at Covenant College, working toward nursing school and enjoying her job at Thrive Assisted Living on Lookout Mountain.  Will is a freshman at Covenant majoring in International Studies and playing rugby.

My husband is my favorite person on the planet.


I do not know how to shop for clothes, but I think I might be getting a little better at it now that I have launched three children and can actually finish a thought.

I love maps and timelines.

I am smart enough to know how big the “smarter than me” category is.

I admire people who are good at being friends.

My heavenly home will be in the country, even though it will be in the heavenly city.  From the window over my kitchen sink I will see pastureland and trees all dark and green.  And it will always be October. And dogs won’t bark.

I am not a dog person.

We were empty-nesters for about a week and a half after sending our youngest to our alma mater.  Then we welcomed my niece Erica to live with us and are happily not empty-nesters anymore.

I second-guess myself straight out the back door.

I have a titanium plate and 12 screws in my left wrist.

I live in a small town in the South.

I offer my writing here in hopes that it will encourage someone and foster a love for Jesus and a love for words.


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