Show and Tell

Show and Tell. Remember?
You are 5
And already you know better
Than to lay your real heart
Before the scrutiny of
Toddler sophisticates.
So you bring your third-best
Butterfly habitat, slightly filmed,
Hatch won’t quite close.
And as for the ‘Tell’ part,
You woodenly say,
“It’s mine. And I like it.”
Show and Tell, safe.

Lord, let me not be
Show and Tell safe
With my first-best,
My heart treasure.
Give me a chance
To lay it out wide and
Invite scrutiny and
Tell and tell and tell.

And should a toddler sophisticate
Or bite back,
Let me hear, underneath the scorn,
The miracle they are longing for,
The beauty from the vile,
The butterfly possibility.

And let me Show and Tell!
Meditation on John 1

All My Flesh Is Healed

Some piercing beauties –
The color of November air
When the sun inhales
Earth’s cave-cool breath and
Drapes the bony slopes
Of a naked brown mountain –
Approach the shocking grace
Of a God who loved our sinking skin
So much
That He fit His infinity into it.
How could our boundered flesh
Ark eternity?
And more, how could Eternity then
Be pleased to share Itself with
Temporal decay?
And reverse it?
All my flesh is healed when I
Inhale the living truth that
His naked body,
Born in blood and noise,
Is God with me.
Meditation on John 1: 16 and Black Mountain, North Carolina