Siegs In Detroit – Snapshots Finale

* “Brrrrr, y’all!” was the theme, though I know, I know, 30 isn’t cold.


(Michigan Law School courtyard)

* Mom delivered a finished quilt to an inspiring woman 87 years young who lives in an antique dealer’s dream home with twenty parakeets  and a picture of herself aged 40 that reminds me that old people are just wrinkled young people. Her recent post-hip replacement note to herself reads: “Get up, girl! Show me what you’ve got!” How can you not admire that?


* Costco debauch.  Thousands of people buying like Christmas didn’t just happen.

* Lessons in generosity from my brother and sister-in-law.  They give for the joy of giving, not to impress and not for thanks.

* Pistons vs. T’wolves at the Palace.  Oh yeah.  I feel straight savage typing that (see translation below).  Pre-game video on jumbotron hypes the underdog status – “Detroit isn’t pretty, but we’re here to stay,” and so on – and doggone if it doesn’t work.  Moist-eyed, I fist bump the mayor back and proceed to watch Drummond and Co defang the ‘Wolves.  My little mother jukes to the evocative beat and I think, “OK, I get it; this is do-able.”
DSCN5289DSCN5293* We won’t mention that other New Year’s Eve game because I am too classy to gloat.

* Early AM departure in the snow says, no, this isn’t do-able after all.  Get me south and quick.  Happy New Yearing our way 700 miles straight south, the temp only climbs 10 degrees. I feel cheated.  Alabama hasn’t kept its part of the bargain.  But we pull in to 1736 Woodland St and the pecan tree is still standing, the Christmas Day leak hasn’t leaked anymore, the accumulated mail hasn’t been delivered yet, and the new Sherlock starts in an hour.

* Prayers at the dinner table over eggs and bacon, Will suggests big to little, so we pray for our world, our country, our church, our family and we tell the Lord we trust Him and ask Him to make us worthy of His name this year.

* “The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me; to one who orders his way rightly I will show the salvation of God!”  Psalm 50:23

Happy New Year!

“straight savage” – hardcore, awesome, brutal, cool


One thought on “Siegs In Detroit – Snapshots Finale

  1. Thank you Mrs Sieg for inspiring, informing and entertaining me this with your great writing. I pray and believe this will be our best year yet!!
    My name Randy Hogue.


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