One Day In The Life Of Ivan TheSeniorBoy

DSCN5027School’s cancelled?!?  I love the universe.

  • What do you mean school’s not cancelled?
  • I can get ready in 10 minutes.
  • But it will actually take me 70 minutes because I’ll need to stand in the middle of my room and stare for a while.
  • I’ll just wear my Avengers t-shirt.
  • The best YouTube videos are the ones where people crash or fall.
  • The highest loyalty is to the band of brothers.  The code is uncomplicated – good is good, bad is bad, we have each other’s back and take one for the team. Easy.
  • Aside from that, everything else is fairly mellow and not urgent.
  • Except don’t talk to me while I am watching football.
  • Girls?  They are basically a pleasant mystery. And they cry a lot.  Just hug them and eventually they stop.
  • What makes me cry? The clip of Auburn winning the Iron Bowl.  It never gets old.
  • As long as there is a loaf or two of French bread around, I’m good.
  • Yoohoos are the champagne of canned beverages.
  • Adults make way too big a deal of things.  Just say, “Clean it up!” and move on.  This isn’t a character issue.
  • Away games are awesome!
  • And for my birthday they stuck my head in the toilet and flushed and I fought so hard we broke the door.  It was great!
  • Of course I forgot it was Freestyle Friday.  I try not to think in the morning.
  • About to start my Trig, just checking ESPN.  The only one worse than me at Fantasy Football is Randy Hogue and that’s because he lost his password and can’t play.
  • I’m not cold.
  • Bye, Mom.  Love you.

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