It Occurred To Me: Random Reflections In Midsummer

It occurred to me today:

~That as move-in day approaches for Will, and thrilled as I am he is mountain-bound, my secret dreams somehow include him going to ALL THREE of his college choices because I enjoy picturing him living each very different life. And though he would die of mortification to hear me say this, I know, as a mother knows these things, that he could be quarterback of all their football teams. Or the soccer equivalent.  Or basketball.  Actually, all three.

~That for all my mockery of those craft fair people, just pull out the paints and in two seconds I am looking around for saw blades and rocks to paint.  Lesson:  You are who you mock!

~That God does for sure have a sense of humor.  I’ll let it go at that.

~That hummingbirds are sugarwater-snobs just like the rest of us.  Last year we used some of my dad’s top shelf sugar water from an outdoor gear shop called Werner’s and enjoyed a front row seat at the Hummingbird Opera which reached its theatrical climax when a wasp defended his place at the water jar and took the field.  Gripping! Epic!  This year, we mixed our own humble sugar water.  So far, two hummingbirds have deigned to fly by and get our hopes up, but neither hovered.  And that’s it. The shame and rejection are reminiscent of an 8th grade banquet I went to – dateless and foolish enough to order a second coke for which I was required payment at school on Monday before all the upperclassmen.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?


~That that one-too-many thing piled on my to-do list always ends up being a source of blessing and joy.  It happened to me again this week.  Note to self:  Thank God on the front side, even while it still seems to be a burden.  It’s not; it never is.  Even if I tattooed “It’s never a burden!” on my forearm, I am faithless enough to still be shocked when rain produces flowers.  Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!

~That God allows me to call Him ‘sweet’ when I am telling Him I love Him, even though He is also righteous judge, enthroned king, mighty and terrible. I am so glad I serve a God who is not box-able, but who is still mine.

~That the brokenness of the fall means we are all mismatched.  Some friends long for things that others have and wish they didn’t. So much cracked when Adam and Eve disobeyed on our behalf.

~That there is something about the violin that plays not just to the ears, but to the marrow and cells.  Especially if Joyah Pettus is playing it.

Well, that’s what occurred to me today.

Little thoughts are worth cataloguing.




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