Color Poems

My Yellow Day

pale pillowcase
maple under morning feet
windshield spangles
head start bus eastbound
gilded double crosses of Our Lady
slow, caution!
hydrant – look at me
blonde junior, eager
parchment text quixotic
burt’s bees at the daffodil dance
h e s i t a n t
“look at the stars, look how they shine for you . .”
peace rose dinner plates, glint-edged
buttercrust chicken pie
lemon submerged in amber
heaven present
joy liquid, and bubbles
batik quilt in canary and granny smith
lamplight through the carboy
sepia dried hydrangea
slatted street light on maple
pale pillowcase


Substance of Blue

glacier freeze
Scandanavian eyes
royal jay on a winter branch
turquoise on cobalt
in silver
midnight velvet
night sky
delft and willow
Scots rugby
Appalachian twilight grass
frosty-skinned berry in a cream jacket
morning sky
coke-bottle wake from a Smith Lake boat
Bahamian archipelago
azure tile
marlin in a jade sea
glacial meltwater
Aurora Australis


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