Another From The Sermon On The Mount

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That day, on the mount, He opened 
His mouth
And taught them.
All they needed, wandering children,
Were ears.

I cannot grasp even His
First point, because my poverty is
And blessedness begins with the
Reckoning that
My soul has no assets,
So He sits down. He opens His mouth and
Teaches. Me.

All I need, all I need,
Are ears. And all that ears imply.
But still, just ears.

He walks me through the lesson,
That gentle thread of redirection,
That patient instruction running counter to
My rebel yell.
Coaching, coaxing,
“Look at Me.
I am the lesson.”


Matthew 5:1
” . . . he went up on the mountain, and
when he sat down . . .he opened his mouth
and taught them.”


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