Ask For The Ancient Paths

I am not an all-terrain vehicle.
I am a one-terrain vehicle, custom-made for the
Ancient Paths.
I can travel on other paths, but it’s a quick mess of
Potholes and breakdowns when I do.

Ancient Paths are ancient
Like river beds and valleys are ancient; they
Don’t change.

But Ancient Paths aren’t old; they are timeless.
They are me walking this time timelessly, walking
Today’s stretch hemmed in by
Eternity. Breathtaking!

They aren’t weed-necked or hard to find. Open my eyes,
Open my front door – there’s the trail-head.

They aren’t hard to stay on. Thy Word is a lamp unto
My feet and a light unto my path.

They aren’t hard to be on. No matter the
Geography, or the weather,
They are restful, because thus says the Lord.

They aren’t crowded because ‘Ancient’ translates
‘Absurd’ when viewed from afar.

They aren’t deserted, either. Walkers from every
Far reach of the sun’s warmth know
They are on this path by grace, and
Line the curb when their walk is
Finished to cheer on those still walking.

Ancient Paths are my joy, the
Best meal around the table I’ve ever had,
The answer to the why question, the way of loving
All the people I am given to love,
Courage to call good
Good and evil evil,
Humility to sit low,
My language, my music, my perfume.
My way forward,

My way home.

Thus says the Lord: Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.”  Jeremiah 6:16



4 thoughts on “Ask For The Ancient Paths

  1. Allison — Thanks for sharing your writing gift! This post brought to mind the Andrew Peterson song “You’ll Find Your Way”. A good reminder of where our focus should be. Merry Christmas!

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