Walk Beside Me

The rhetoric of
Burns itself out
In meme wars,
And cancels the
Righteousness on all sides.
Then the aching soul is left
With a clearer view,
That there are indeed
Two sides.
Sheep and Goat sides.
The only left and right
Are His left and His right,
The everlasting day of His presence
Or outer darkness.
And I, I simply
Marvel that He would welcome
Me and the one who walks beside me,
My brother, my sister, my friend in the skin,
Into the Day.



3 thoughts on “Walk Beside Me

  1. BAM‼️
    BEST EVER‼️‼️
    That one kicked it hard!
    One day, hopefully soon, I’m gonna give all on my Christmas list a book of SIEG’S


    • Randy is right! This is in the “Best of All” category. It speaks to my heart and soul. Thank you and may God bless you as you glorify Him.


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