Layers of Admiration – NYC: Days Two and Three

Two Days in Pictures

Fort Tryon Park, north Manhattan. Stair climb to The Cloisters

Fort? Museum? Castle? Monastery?

Hudson River backdrop.

Should I admire the marble or wood or stained glass or architecture art?

Or the cloister garden palette in delicate flowers?

Or the museum’s gem: the Netherlandish Unicorn tapestry series? I returned to the Unicorn tapestries over and over. They are captivating and tell of the unicorn’s sacrifice, betrayal, slaughter.

And possibly of his resurrection. Echoes of The Story are everywhere!

Or the current exhibition called “The Catholic Imagination” displaying pieces of Roman Catholicism’s influence on top fashion designers and houses like Dior. Odd how well this exhibit fit into The Cloisters and how drawn we were to it.

The Sacred Heart dress. The drape of fabric was exquisite, the red fabric flowing like blood.


Interesting note: this 1960s wedding dress has only three seams. Deliberately reminiscent of the seamless garment Jesus wore.

Or street art on the side of a Queens auto body shop.

Or on the side of a Union Square office building. We agreed we needed an interpretation of this. I also shopped at Nordstrom Rack. Felt savvy.

Or humanity! This little guy slept as his mom and Grandma discovered they were on a northbound train instead of a Canal Street one.

This retired banker read about how to fix the Deutschbank. Andrew and I discussed how we would fix the Deutschbank. It involved asking what the problem was with the Deutschbank and the brainstorming some simple solutions.

Or the food. This doesn’t look appetizing to you, but it is Kimchee fried rice with an egg. Korean perfection. We also hit a Dominican Mofongo restaurant yesterday that put us in a food coma. No pics because we were pigs. And Shawarma this evening. BTW if you do not recognize us when we get home, it’s because we have eaten our way north, south, east, and west on this little island.

Or should I admire reading a favorite author’s first new book in 10 years while sitting in Union Square and imagining our son in law as a city teen loping back-packed through this park?

Here is Eliot’s high school, St. Francis Xavier. We passed the open windows of the gym and heard the sounds of kids playing basketball and pondered high school in the city.        

Or our digs here in Queens. See our parking space included? Gold, Jerry, gold!

Or the shady places we rested our aching feet. “We put some miles on the dogs today” is our catchphrase – six yesterday and nine today. It offsets the eating, so there’s that.

The Lord is good to us!


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