Born Hungry

Baby came in a shocking rush,
Her first cry turned her pink.
Mama, there’s no going back,
Easy days are done.
Hold her warm and tight for now,
She’s born and hungry.

Kay hit Presidential,
Every single year.
She hung forever from the bar,
Chin two inches high.
The others felt a brand new pain,
An ache called
Playground hungry.

Della’s daddy folded on a
Hot September day.
The sky hung low, and
Earth, it cracked.
And Della fell inside,
Where she was rocked,

Hunger in the soul, hunger in the hands,
We’re all born in a hungry wind
Like flames upon the land.

“If Becky wore a gunnysack,
She’d make a magazine.”
Perfection looked so blessed,
And the beach trip seemed so grand;
But he never knew her by her name,
He was blind and hungry.

Blessed are the hungry, every hunger fed,
Fainting for the cold, cold water,
Reaching for the bread.

Bonnie threw the grief book
Across the empty room, hit the wall
Of a down-sized home,
He planned, but never saw.
Now every day the sun comes up
On Bonnie’s broken dream, and she’s
Born hungry.

There’s a place I’m sitting down,
A day the meal is set,
And all my hungers all my life,
In bread and wine are met.
I’ve been fainting for the cold, cold water,
Looking for the bread,
A fountain of the blessed water,
Hands that break the bread.
Meditation on Matthew 5: 6


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