Meditation On Psalm 147

Lord, where are You?

Find Me.


I am where your songs of praise find a listening ear.

Then I’ll keep singing.

I am where your name is written in the book of the blessed.

Then I’ll feel like one gathered in to full welcome.

I am where the names of every star are stored.

Then I’ll appreciate every star and laugh and guess its name.

I am where your aching heart finds the softest of bandaging.

Then I’ll moan no more.

I am the answer to every question.

Then I’ll ask You all my questions.

I am the way up when you are crushed, and the way down when you are proud.

Then I’ll need your kindness to help me repent.

I am behind the clouds, holding the rain.

Then I’ll trust.  And marvel.

I am deep where food begins behind sun and soil and seed.

Then I’ll taste it as coming from You.

I am at the seat of immovable Love.

Then I’ll fear You.

I am among the shields that protect you.

Then I’ll fear nothing.

I am within you, communing.

Then I’ll be still and love You.

I am where weather is spoken – ice or flowing water.

Then I’ll not murmur.

I am where my Word begins, and my Word is love to you.