November Went To The Beach

November went to the beach.

She’s just now returning,
Gulf water dried in her flaming hair,
Smelling of dark tanning oil.
She knows she’s late.

She’s a mare-beautiful
Girl in her knee boots
Blithing in after the bell
With no tardy slip.

She’s two overall-wearing Great
Raking Delancy and Gus’s leaf-fall
Because Gus

She’s Regina
Stepping from her velvets and
Leaving them for the handmaids
To brush.

She’s the Sorceress in the air
Softly suggesting,
‘Hate them on Tuesday. Hate them!’

She’s eleven Men in red,
Eleven in purple
Tirelessly storming each other’s wall
To minimal gain but we can’t stop watching,
While the mealy apples simmer into

She’s the Doyenne
Coming out of retirement,
Arranging her magenta mantle
About her
To speak the wind chimes,
One and all.

She’s the Inkling that urges
Sportsman Lake geese
To elect their first-leg point man,
And to give her regards to the salt life.

One thing she is not



3 thoughts on “November Went To The Beach

    • Regina is a name for Queen. Regina is just one personification of several for November. She is queenly and like the trees drop their leaves and we deal with them (or not 🙂 ) she drops her velvets and the servants deal with them. The Sorceress is a persona uniquely November because of the election. She fosters hatred, fear, mistrust, assumption of the worst motives between people. November is complicated, old and young, good and bad, servant and queen, primally important and somewhat mundane. She may look like October, but she isn’t. 🙂 So that is a short analysis. I also enjoy playing with color.


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