There’s A Little Bit Of Friday In Every Monday

~There’s a little bit of Friday in every Monday.

~Someone said to me, with a granule of grandiosity,
‘I’m uncomfortable with . . .’
And that got me thinking.
I suspected that when we say that,
We aren’t really; we just need to sound original,
To swim against our current.
Ditto: ‘I’m the kind of person that . . .’
And: ‘It saddens me that . . .’
We have much more complicated motives for declaring discomfort
Than actual discomfort.
To very loosely quote C.S. Lewis*: I think this because of me

~Turns out life’s easier if you’re tall;
I concluded this inductively
And discovered it in its absence.

~Count the pictures you’ve posted of yourself.

~ In fact, what if we start a new picture-taking fad:
Keep your hand off your hip. (Take a deep breath. You can do this.)
Keep your right knee straight.
Keep your left knee un-hyperextended backward.
Keep your head upright, not tilted.
Keep your hands at your side, not gang-signed implying you are a card-carrying Crip.
Keep your face McDonald’s, not, “Club can’t even handle me.”
Keep your lens pointed away from yourself.
(Go with me here) Is it possible for us not to posture??

~Today I chose one of six
Scattered pairs of reading glasses based on the
Color of my sweater.  My cardigan.
What does this say about me?

~Jackolanterns and people age
Alike, or we’re all just pumpkins.
h? What’s that, Sonny Bob?

~Saw a sign today at the Texaco Station that said:
Chicken Salad Platter His Grace Is Sufficient
But would the chicken agree?

~There’s a little bit of Friday in every Monday.

*Lewis said he got much of his material for The Screwtape Letters having to look no further than his own heart.


2 thoughts on “There’s A Little Bit Of Friday In Every Monday

  1. Allison, refrain from mimicking “old people” until you are one!! Aging is painful enough in its own process and humiliation. Words from your “old” mother! Love the pumpkin!


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